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TAXAs applied to real estate, an enforced charge imposed on persons, property or income, to be used to support the State. The governing body in turn utilizes the funds in the best interest of the general public.

TAX LIENA claim against real estate for the amount of its unpaid taxes.

TEASER RATE: Similar to a Payment Discount, but implies either an unusually large initial rate discount or an attempt by the lender to lure an otherwise unqualified borrower into the mortgage.

TENANCY BY THE ENTIRETY: A type of joint tenancy of property that provides right of survivorship and is available only to a husband and wife. Contrast with tenancy in common.

TENANCY IN COMMONA type of joint tenancy in a property without right of survivorship. Contrast with tenancy by the entirety and with joint tenancy.

TENANT-STOCKHOLDERThe obligee for a cooperative share loan, who is both a stockholder in a cooperative corporation and a tenant of the unit under a proprietary lease or occupancy agreement.

THIRD-PARTY ORIGINATOR: A process by which a lender uses another party to completely or partially originate, process, underwrite, close, fund, or package the mortgages it plans to deliver to the secondary mortgage market.

TITLE: As generally used, the rights of ownership and possession of particular property. In real estate usage, title may refer to the instruments or documents by which a right of ownership is established (title documents), or it may refer to the ownership interest one has in the real estate.

TITLE COMPANYA company that specializes in examining and insuring titles to real estate.

TITLE INSURANCEProtects lenders or homeowners against loss of their interest in property due to legal defects in title. Title insurance may be issued to a mortgagees title policy. Insurance benefits will be paid only to the named insured in the title policy, so it is important that an owner purchase an owners title policy, if he desires the protection of title insurance.

TITLE SEARCH OF EXAMINATIONA check of the title records, generally at the local courthouse, to make sure the buyer is purchasing a house from the legal owner and there are no liens, overdue special assessments, or other claims or outstanding restrictive covenants filed in the record, which would adversely affect the marketability or value of title.

TOTAL DEBT RATIO: Monthly debt and housing payments divided by gross monthly income. Also known as Back-End Ratio.

TOTAL EXPENSE RATIO: Total obligations as a percentage of gross monthly income. The total expense ratio includes monthly housing expenses plus other monthly debts.

TRADE EQUITYEquity that results from a property purchaser giving his or her existing property (or an asset other than real estate) as trade as all or part of the down payment for the property that is being purchased.

TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP: Any means by which the ownership of a property changes hands. Lenders consider all of the following situations to be a transfer of ownership: the purchase of a property subject to the mortgage, the assumption of the mortgage debt by the property purchaser, and any exchange of possession of the property under a land sales contract or any other land trust device. In cases in which an inter vivos revocable trust is the borrower, lenders also consider any transfer of a beneficial interest in the trust to be a transfer of ownership.

TRANSFER OF TAX: State or local tax payable when title passes from one owner to another.

TREASURY INDEX: An index that is used to determine interest rate changes for certain adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) plans.

T.R.I.D: This stands for “T” Truth-in-Lend, “R” R.S.P.A., “I” Intergrated, “D” Disclosure

TRUSTEE: A party who is given legal responsibility to hold property in the best interest of or for the benefit of another. The trustee is one placed in a position of responsibility for another, a responsibility enforceable in a court of law.

TRUTH-IN LENDING: (TIL). A federal law that requires lenders to fully disclose, in writing, the terms and conditions of a mortgage, including the APR and other charges.

TWO-TO-FOUR PROPERTYA property that consists of a structure that provides living space (dwelling units) for two to four families, although ownership of the structure is evidenced by a single deed.

UNDERWRITING: The process of evaluating a loan application to determine the risk involved for the lender. Underwriting involves an analysis of the borrowers creditworthiness and the quality of the property itself.

UNSECURED LOAN: A loan that is not backed by collateral.

VA LOAN: Government loans are loans that are guaranteed or purchased by government organizations. Two of the most popular Government Loans are the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

VESTEDHaving the right to use a portion of a fund such as an individual retirement fund.

VETERANS AFFAIRS DEPARTMENTAn agency of the federal government that guarantees residential mortgages made to eligible veterans of the military services. The guarantee protects the lender against loss and thus encourages lenders to make mortgages to veterans.

WRAPAROUND MORTGAGE: A mortgage that includes the remaining balance on an existing first mortgage plus an additional amount requested by the mortgagor. Full payments on both mortgages are made to the wraparound mortgagee, who then forwards the payments on the first mortgage to the first mortgagee.

ZONING ORDINANCES: The acts of an authorized local government establishing building codes, and setting forth